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About Us

Yapriah Life & Healing PLLC. believes in the power of sowing seasons of remembering, searching, and self discovery to reap a thriving lifestyle full of contentment

Our Story

" Yapriah" is a Hebrew agriculture term meaning "to blossom"

The "Yapriah Mentality" is rooted in the belief that despite their circumstances, individuals have inside them all they need to thrive through life's stressors and pressures.  With coaching and encouragement, through therapeutic practices, individuals will recover their sense of BLOOM-ability. 


The idea of undergoing therapy can feel like a monstrous task that many approach when they are "ready". The start never looks pretty, but when you stop being fearful you're fruitful!  Mental Health treatment and recovery often resembles the phases and stages of agricultural harvest.  As biblical text teaches, "you reap what you sow".  Like the seasons of harvest, healing is intentional work, cycling through times of pruning, tilling and watering. Each phase with its own hardships, but necessary to obtain the eventual harvest of

BLOSSOMING hope, gratitude and peace.

Through the Redemption of our Spirit, Renewal of our Minds, and Revitalization of our Bodies, we are able to Rebuild our Futures! This journey requires discomfort, a stretch in your faith and ultimately COURAGE, but look to it with optimism and excitement. 


Here's to the birth of new beginnings!

I’m here to help you boost your well-being and remind

you how incredible it is to feel at your best, every single day.  Begin your journey of health and wellness, and start taking care of what’s truly important, YOU. Your better life can not wait!

Let's GROW together. Flourish with me.

This is your invitation to flourish!

About  the Clinician

Suzette J. Aiken, MSEd MPhilEd LCMHC

During my time in practice, I have worked with child/adolescent population and young adults. Many have presented with, but not limited to, mood, anxiety, trauma/stressor disorders, and disorders first diagnosed in childhood, such as oppositional defiant disorder and ADHD.

I use an eclectic approach, tailored to my clients presenting challenges and strengths.  My service delivery emphasizes strength and empowerment, encouraging my clients to boldly embrace their identity, purpose and passion.

BS, North Carolina State University

MS.Ed and MPhil., University of Pennsylvania

North Carolina Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

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